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Management Against Account Fraud


ALERT U – Credit & Debit Card Alerts

You can help keep your debit and credit card account secure by signing up for Alert U. You can receive a text message or email when your card is used for:
  • Purchases over a selected amount
  • International purchases
  • Online purchases
  • Declined purchases

You can update your preferences online anywhere, anytime through this cardholder website. Members who want to enroll in Alert U must first sign up for Online Banking.

Members already enrolled in Online Banking can enroll their credit cards or debit card with Alert U today. 



Alert U System Helps Members Catch Identity Theft Early

Through Alert U, a text and email system offered by GPCE Credit Union, a Division of FSU Credit Union, you can monitor both credit and debit card accounts at no charge. To enroll, members must simply enter the card number to the account they wish to monitor.

After you register your account, you will begin receiving SMS messages or emails when your card is used for purchases over a selected amount, international purchases, online purchases and declined purchases.

Though the service is free through GPCE Credit Union, a Division of FSU Credit Union, there may be other charges through your wireless carrier, so members should contact their carriers for complete pricing details.

To access your GPCE Credit Union, a Division of FSU Credit Union credit card activity, register your credit card online and obtain information concerning your most recent transactions as well as the transactions made for the last three months.


E-LERTS - Online Banking Alerts

E-Lerts are a great online tool that sends you email alerts when activity occurs on your account using the parameters you set up. This is also a great service to quickly identify fraudulent activity on your account. To set them up, follow these steps.

  1. Log into Online Banking using your username and password
  2. Click ‘Settings’
  3. Select the ‘Security and Alerts’ drop-down menu and select ‘Alerts’
  4. Create an Alert and select the “e-Lert” you would like to add to your service and click “Review.”

E-Lerts have several options in the drop-down menu. These range from information on your Balance and Credit Transaction to your Debit Transactions and even Secure Messages. Select the Alert Type for more information.



Members who do not use Alert U or E-Lerts can still help protect themselves from identity theft by regularly reviewing their transaction history. If you have any questions about the Alert U system, E-Lerts, or your credit and debit card account activity online, stop by any branch or call 850-430-1961 or toll-free 1-800-472-4723.