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GPCE Credit Union Audio Response Teller

Audio Response Teller Line

GPCE Credit Union 24 Hour Teller Line Guide

In Pensacola 430-1961 - Out of Pensacola 1-800-472-4723

Account Access via Audio Response

GPCE Credit Union provides members a no cost 24-Hour Audio Response Teller Line. This service allows members the convenience of managing and obtaining account information via their phones. Members can access the network by calling the credit union at 850-430-1961 or toll free 1-800-472-4723. During business hours members will hear the following greeting and should select PRESS 3 option:

“Thank you for calling GPCE Credit Union.”, followed by an important credit union message.

  • Press 1 for Member Services.
  • Press 2 for the Loan Department.
  • Press 3 for the Audio Response Teller Line.

*NOTE: After hours message will only offer PRESS 3 option.

     Transferring to: The Audio Response Teller Line (message).

     One moment please (single ring / pause).

“Welcome to the 24-Hour Audio Response Teller Line.”

  • For Quick Check PRESS 1
  • For Account Information PRESS 2
  • To Perform Transaction Activity PRESS 3
  • For Member Services PRESS 4
  • To end this call PRESS #

NOTE: After selecting any of these options for the first-time the recording will say:

     Please enter you member number followed by the # sign.

     Please enter your PIN number followed by the # sign.

     Please wait while we verify your information.

The Audio Response Teller Line system is dynamic based on the type of account(s) a member may or may not have with GPCE Credit Union. Your Audio Response Teller Line options are based on your personal account type(s) with GPCE Credit Union.

Members who have more than one account type will be prompted with additional account information as applicable. The system will not prompt members with menu options for accounts they do not have.

If you have other account types, please listen closely and follow prompts as instructed. The 24-Hour Audio Response is user-friendly. However, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact GPCE Credit Union for assistance.