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Special Fee Information

Special Fee Information

We’ve seen questions come in regarding some of the new compliance regulations and fee information following the merger. Two fees in particular are causing some confusion: the overdraft transfer fee and the excess withdrawal fee.
These fees are normal for most credit unions and are largely related to credit unions staying in compliance with a federal guideline called Regulation D.  These fees can be avoided by just a few simple changes in how you conduct your transactions:
  1. Savings accounts are intended for having funds set aside as a reserve. Do not use this account for repeated transactions and withdrawals.

  2. Checking accounts are intended to be your transactional account. Always make sure you have enough money in your checking account to cover withdrawals between income deposits or pay periods.

For more information, visit or feel free to contact us at or call (877) GO-FSUCU (877-463-7828).

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