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Congratulations to our June Survey Winners

Congratulations to our June Survey Winners


Congratulations to our GPCE Credit Union Survey winners!

In June, we invited our members to participate in a survey regarding the member services in our area. After taking the survey we awarded ten participating members with a $50 VISA gift card. All winners were selected in a random drawing. The data received is invaluable to helping us develop better ways to serve our membership. Thank you!

The ten winners at GPCE Credit Union were as follows:  

Lisha H., Terry R., Judy C., Andy G., Karen C., Tom B., Cindy K., Brian W., Sue M. and Elaine R.

Here are a few photos of our happy winners!     

Judy Coleman  Cindy Kell(left to right: Judy C. and Cindy K.)

Karen ColumbusTom Burton(left to right: Karen C. and Tom B.)

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