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GPCE Credit Union E-Statement & Text Banking


e-Statements are the way

Take your Virtual Branch online banking to the next level with e-Statements. These electronic documents replace and improve your paper statements with added convenience and security benefits—which means less worry for you.

Here are even more reasons why you should have e-Statements.

  1. Immediate Availability:
    Rather than waiting for your statement to be printed and mailed, you can view your statements electronically. Members will receive an e-mail notification when statements are ready to view.
  2. Convenient Access:
    If you are on-the-go, viewing your e-statements is not a problem. You can gain account access with your laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile device.
  3. Increased Security:
    Online e-Statements provide more security than mailed paper statements and cannot be lost or delayed. In addition, your e-Statement can only be accessed by you, as your account is secured by your online login credentials.
  4. Constant Availability:
    e-Statements can be downloaded on your computer, tablet or mobile device. Save them for later for offline viewing, printing, verification, etc. Available when you need them. Members can download up to 12 previous months.
  5. Eco-friendly:
    The environment will thank you for going eco-friendly. Say, “yes” to replace your paper statement with an electronic version. By doing so you are saving trees and it reduces greenhouse gases associated with paper manufacturing, printing and mail transport.
  6. Less Headache:
    Say, “good-bye” to misplacing your paper statement or having someone else see it. Your online account is like a virtual filing cabinet. You’ll be able to find it with no problems.
  7. Less Clutter:
    Less is more, especially when it comes to mounds of stored paper documents.
  8. Saves Money:
    Members with a Champion's Choice Draft Account (Garnet Level) can avoid a $5.00 monthly account fee when actively enrolled in no cost e-Statements. 
  9. Simple to Sign-up:
    Receiving e-Statements couldn’t be easier. If you already have our no cost online Virtual Branch service, you can register for e-Statements yourself. Switch to e-Statements and put the power of accessing your account statements—anytime, anywhere—right in the palm of your hand. Try it today:

E-Statement Enrollment Instructions

If you have any further questions regarding your enrollment in no cost e-Statements, please contact us at 850-430-1961 or 800-742-4723.