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E-Statements Are The Way

E-Statements are now available in the online banking platform, making them easier and more convenient to access than ever before. If you haven’t already made the switch to paperless statements, find out why E-Statements are a great choice:


Available immediately

E-Statements are now available to everyone in online banking under the Services section. E-Statements are available days earlier than paper statements and right at your fingertips!


Safe & secure

Paper statements are easier to intercept or lose during the mailing process. They’re also more susceptible to identity theft since your personal information is accessible to anyone who happens to stumble upon them. E-Statements offer an extra layer of security since your statements are accessed through your online banking portal.


Say goodbye…

…to excess paperwork! No more excess papers and clutter around your desk. E-Statements are convenient and available for you electronically so you can keep your home office neat and organized.


Double-check your payments and deposits with ease

With E-Statements, you will be able to view past payments and deposits with ease through online banking. Keep track of your E-Statements when you need them – no more searching through stacks of paper.


Go green

Reducing the use of paper is also good for the environment by saving trees and reducing greenhouse gases.


Stay organized

Always know where your documents are! Your E-Statements are always available to you through online banking.


Always know when your E-Statements are available

Receive email notifications as soon as your statement becomes available. This means you can rest assured that your statement will be delivered to you in a safe and convenient fashion in online banking.


Easy enrollment

If you use online banking but are not enrolled in E-Statements yet, please select the button below to enroll. Simply enter your first and last name, your preferred email, and select ‘Begin Signing’ to start your E-Statement enrollment!


*If you have not had time to check out our new FSUCU Online Banking, or are a new member, learn more here.


They’re completely FREE!

We saved the best fact for last! E-Statements are completely free and are at your disposal 24/7 through online banking.


If you have any further questions regarding your enrollment in no-cost E-Statements, please contact us at 850-430-1961 or 800-742-4723.