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GPCE Credit Union E-Statement & Text Banking

e-Statements Enrollment

Enroll in No-Cost e-Statements

GPCE Credit Union cannot register for you. You must register for e-Statements through the security of our Virtual Branch service.

Please follow these steps to successfully register for e-Statements:

  1. Log-on to Virtual Branch at our website @
  2. Select: SELF SERVICE folder
  3. Select: ADDITIONAL SERVICES option folder
  4. Click on e-Statements highlighted in blue.

You will see an Enrolling in Electronic Statements screen.

  1. Click on the Sign Up button
  2. Review and accept the Usage Agreement page

If you do NOT see an Enrolling in Electronic Statements screen and no account numbers appear in the drop down box you will need to TURN OFF your pop-up blockers first through your internet setting options. (Click on TOOLS. Click on INTERNET OPTIONS. Click on turn off pop-up blockers. Then, go back to Additional Services option folder. Click on e-Statements and continue with steps 5 and 6.)

Congratulations! You have successfully enrolled in NO-COST e-Statements. You will begin receiving e-messages informing you when your e-Statements are available. Notices are usually sent out at the beginning of each month. e-Statements are stored in Virtual branch for a period of 12 months only.

NOTE: If you have multiple accounts, each account should be registered individually. Your multiple account numbers will appear in a drop down box after clicking on e-Statements. Simply select the account to be registered and follow the directions as instructed above. (After you register for each individual account the system will log you out, requiring you to log-on to Virtual Branch again.) If you have a share draft (checking) account you do not need to register this account, as the computer will automatically include the share draft (checking) account with the corresponding main share (savings) accounts. You will only be able to view e-Statements from the primary and/or joint account profiles you have been approved for. These account types will appear in the drop down box as mentioned above.

Members who are already registered for Virtual Branch should register for no-cost e-Statements to avoid the $5.00 Champion's Choice Draft Account Fee - Garnet Level.  Account-level will be determined each month based on the past thirty days usage of products/services. If you have any further questions regarding your enrollment in no cost e-Statements, please contact us at (850) 430-1961.