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Gulf Power Company Employees CU
GPCE Credit Union Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

Please keep this copy of GPCE Credit Union's Fee Schedule for future reference. This updated Fee Schedule is incorporated into and becomes a part of the credit union Truth-In-Savings.

Fee Schedule
Share Savings Account
Excess Withdrawal Fee $1.00 - per withdrawal for each withdrawal over three per month NOTE: There is a maximum of six (6) REG D withdrawals per month.
Main Share Low Balance Fee $2.00 - per month if a $250.00 minimum aggregate balance is not maintained and/or the member does not have a current loan balance or maintain a checking account.
Holiday Club
Holiday Club Early Closure Withdrawal Fee $5.00 - Holiday Club Accounts, all funds will be transferred to the member's draft account on or after Nov. 1st of each year. If you make a withdrawal at ANY TIME before Nov. 1st, ALL accrued interest will be forfeited, and the account will be closed.
Other Fees (applicable to all accounts)
IRA Termination Fee $30.00 - per termination
Account Reconciliation Fee $15.00 - per hour (1 hour minimum)
Account Research Fee $15.00 - per hour (1 hour minimum)
Statement Copy Fee $2.00 - per page
Deposited Item Return Fee $32.00 - per item NOTE: Fee waived if returned check is written from a third party
Items Sent for Collection Fee $15.00 - per item
Wire Transfer (Incoming) Fee $5.00 - per request
Wires Transfer (outgoing) Fee $15.00 - per request
Wire Transfer (International) Fee $30.00 - per transfer
Cashier's Checks/Money Orders
Cashier's Check Fee $3.00 - per check
Money Order Fee $2.00 - per item
Pop Money Fee* $0.50 - per transaction NOTE: Transaction is to send or request funds, there is no fee for receiving funds through Pop Money.
Heartland One-Time ACH Loan Payment (Web or Phone)* $0.95 - per transaction
Legal Process Fee $25.00 - per process
Levy or Garnishment $50.00 - per occurrence
Escheatment to State due to Unclaimed Property Laws $50.00 - per occurrence (as permissible by State)
Inactive Account Fee $5.00 - per month after (1) year and account under $1,000.00
Telephone Transfer Fee $2.50 - per transfer
Account Closure Fee $5.00 - if closed within ninety (90) days
Returned Mail Fee $5.00 - per piece
Mastercard Account
Credit Card Replacement Fee $10.00 - first replacement
Credit Card Replacement Fee $25.00 - second replacement
Credit Card Replacement Fee $50.00 - third replacement
Share Draft Checking Account
Debit/ATM Replacement Card Fee $5.00 - each request
Instant Issue Debit Card Fee $10.00 - per card
Rush Shipping Fee for Credit, Debit, or ATM Card $25.00 - per card
Re-direct (to Credit Union address) Fee for Credit, Debit, or ATM Card $10.00 - per card
Verification Letter Fee $10.00 - per item
Temporary Checks $2.00 - per pack (4 checks per pack)
Share Draft Account Fees  
Champion's Choice Draft Account Fee - Garnet Level* $5.00 - per month NOTE: Fee waived if the member is actively enrolled in e-statements. Account-level will be determined each month based on the past thirty days usage of products/service.
Bill Pay Account
Inactive Bill Payment Account Fee $10.00 - each month of NO ACTIVITY
Expedited Bill Payer Fee* $9.95 - per payment
Copy of Cleared Draft Fee $3.00 - per item, if less than 1-year-old (for items over 1 year old add $15.00 per hour research fee.)
Stop Payment Fee $25.00 - per request
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fee $32.00 - per item
Returned Check Fee $32.00 - per item
Overdraft Transfer Fee $3.00 - per item NOTE: Fee increases to $32.00 per item if you exceed six (6) withdrawals per month (in accordance with REG-D).
Manual Overdraft Transfer Fee $10.00 - up to 5 items
Courtesy Pay Protection Fee $32.00 - per item
Proprietary ATM Fee* $0.00 - when using an ATM owned by FSUCU or operating on CULIANCE
Non-proprietary ATM Fee* $0.75 - each NOTE: When you use an ATM not owned by us you may me charged a fee by the ATM operator and you may be charged a fee for a balance inquiry even if you don't complete a transaction.
ATM Inquiry Fee * $0.75 - each NOTE: When you use an ATM not owned by us you may me charged a fee by the ATM operator and you may be charged a fee for a balance inquiry even if you don't complete a transaction.
Safe Deposit Box Fee - Annual Rental Fees (Pensacola Location 200 N Pace Blvd)
Box 3x5 $17.00 - box
Box 3x10 $25.00 - box
Box 5x10 $40.00 - box
Box 10x10 $50.00 - box
Late Payment $5.00 - month
Key Replacement up to $25.00/key
Drilling of Box Actual Drilling Cost
Credit Union Membership Fees
Membership Fee $10.00 - one-time fee upon acceptance

Fee Schedule reflects changes in terms that will be effective January 01,  2021, except as noted. Fees marked with * will not be effective until May 01, 2021.