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GPCE Credit Union In-Branch Services

In-Branch Services

Personalized Services - We Take That Extra Step For You

Teller & Counter Checks

GPCE Credit Union may provide ONE teller check per member, per day at NO COST.

GPCE Credit Union provides counter checks for members ($2.00 up to 5 checks).

Please refer to our Fee Schedule for additional fees charged.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is a fast, convenient and secure way to receive funds into your account. The main benefits of direct deposit for you are as follows:

  • You don’t have paper checks that might get lost or damaged.
  • You don’t have to go to the credit union to cash or deposit a check.
  • You have access to your money faster.
  • You can receive your deposit even if you are sick, on vacation, or work remotely.
  • You can easily divide your deposits among multiple accounts, which can help boost your savings.

GPCE Credit Union can help members set up direct deposit to be credited into their GPCE Credit Union accounts. Please call us or stop into any location for details. You will need to provide the creditor with your account number and your GPCECU bank routing number: 263281653

Mechanical Repair Coverage

Help protect your vehicle with Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC). Some people don’t have the extra money saved for mechanical repairs. GPCE Credit Union offers members several options through CUNA Mutual Group coverage. This coverage can help members with unexpected vehicle repairs.

MRC is offered to members in three different package options: Platinum, Gold and Silver. Members can purchase extended warranty coverage on any of their qualifying vehicles. Policy plans can also be enhanced with a new or used vehicle loan on  models up to 10 years old and 100K miles or less.

For more details about the vehicle protection policy plan that best suits your needs or for a free quote, simply call us at 850-430-1961 or toll free at 800-472-4723.

Member's Choice FAQs

Notary Service

GPCE Credit Union offers members only no cost notary service. Please call ahead of your visit to verify document types requiring notarization, as notary services are limited based on document type. Notaries are located at all office locations to better serve your needs.

Photo Copies

GPCE Credit Union will provide photo copy services to members only. Fees for this service vary based on number of items copied and research time required to produce financial documents for members. Please refer to our Fee Schedule.

Safe Deposit Boxes

A secure and affordable place to keep your valuables and important documents stored. GPCE Credit Union offers four box sizes to choose from. One annual fee based on the box size. All our safe deposit boxes are located at our Main Office location.

Safe deposit box annual fees are drafted automatically from designated member account. To purchase your GPCE Credit Union safe deposit box, please contact us for more information or stop into our Main Office.

Wire Transfers

GPCE Credit Union provides both Incoming and Outgoing DOMESTIC wires and only Incoming INTERNATIONAL wires. Members desiring these services MUST come into the credit union to complete the request. Additional information is required. Call us for details.

Please refer to our Fee Schedule.