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Welcome to the Credit Union Family!

On October 1, 2020, GPCE Credit Union officially merged with Florida State University Credit Union. This partnership will bring a brighter financial future to GPCE Credit Union members. Membership is now open to anyone who lives or works in Bay, Calhoun, Escambia, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Taylor, Wakulla, Walton, or Washington counties.

Latest Updates

We've compiled a list of the most recent questions and concerns following the data conversion. Please take a few moments to review the following information:
Phone numbers
  • To activate your debit card, or change your PIN, you must call from the phone number associated with the primary account holder. 
  • When enrolling in online banking, the online banking system will send a verification code to the number associated with the primary account holder. This is for security purposes to protect account information.
  •  E-statements not yet displaying inside online banking is a known issue, and we are working diligently to correct this as soon as possible.


  • You do not need to order new checks. Existing checks will continue to work. Once you run out of checks, you will be able to order GPCECU - FSUCU checks.
Account History
  • We are aware account histories pre-data conversion are not displaying in online banking. Once E-statements are visible in online banking, you will be able to access past statements to see your account history. You may also contact us so we may provide you copies of your previous statements.
Online Banking Enrollment for Multiple Accounts
  • If you are listed on multiple accounts (i.e. a primary on one account and a joint-owner on another), these accounts are not aggregating and displaying in online banking with a single sign-on.  Individual online banking credentials must be created and maintained for each account. We understand this is inconvenient and are working with our provider to rectify this as soon as possible.
Loan Payment Options
  • Members now have new options to make loan payments, including an online payment portal to make payments from other financial institutions. For details, visit the Loan Payment Options page.
Credit Card Management
  • All credit card accounts are expected to be visible in online banking by Friday, May 7, 2021.
  • Members can now manage their new GPCECU-FSUCU Mastercard accounts using the FSUCU Online Credit Card Management tool.  Similar to our previous eZCard, members can check balances, transactions, history, and more. Get started!

Frequently Asked Questions about the FSU Credit Union and GPCE Credit Union Merger


Online Banking

Will I need to re-enroll in online banking?

Yes. Following the data conversion with FSUCU,  access to the GPCECU Virtual Branch/Online Banking and Online Bill Payment service has been discontinued. Please refer to the information below to enroll in the NEW FSUCU Online Banking. 

To enroll in FSUCU Online Banking, you will need your account number along with the social security number, date of birth, and zip code of the primary account holder.  There is no app code for this feature. To enroll,  you can visit and select the Online Banking Login text or lock icon at the top of the page or you can visit the FSU Credit Union Online Banking Enrollment page directly. 

You can also download the FSU Credit Union app from the Apple App or Google Play Store.
Read our How to Enroll in Online Banking” Guide for a step-by-step tutorial on how to enroll in online banking and download the mobile app.




How do I use Bank by Phone with GPCECU - FSUCU?

GPCE Credit Union, a Division of FSU Credit Union provides members a no-cost 24-Hour Bank by Phone option. This service allows members the convenience of managing and obtaining account information via their phones.  Our GPCE Credit Union Bank by Phone number is currently being routed to our FSU Credit Union Call Center.  For more direct assistance receiving information about your account such as balance, transaction history, and payment information, please call FSU Credit Union at 850-224-4960 or 877-GO-FSUCU (877-463-7828). Listen to the prompts and Press 1 to be directed to our Bank by Phone services. Members will need their account number, and the last six digits of their social security number to access this feature. 


Bill Pay and Automatic Payments


I use Online Bill Pay. Will I need to update my information?

Yes. If you used Bill Pay through GPCECU – FSUCU Virtual Banking, you will need to re-enroll in the FSUCU Bill Payer through FSUCU Online Banking. Your current bill pay information will not automatically roll over to the new system

What about my Automatic Payments?

To ensure there are no interruptions to any of your ACH or automatic transactions, please update your information with any vendor(s) or company debiting or depositing transaction(s) to or from your GPCECU-FSUCU account. Previous GPCECU direct deposit and automatic payments will be directed to your new account at FSUCU for a limited time beginning May 2, 2021. You must inform these vendors of FSUCU’s routing number immediately after May 2, 2021, to avoid disruption of service.

What about any Automatic Payments I create after data conversion?

Please use your account number and the FSUCU routing number when setting up any new direct deposit or automatic payment information. FSU Credit Union routing number: 263-182-545.

What if my Automatic Payments are through my GPCECU Credit Card? 

If you have any automatic transactions associated with your GPCECU Credit Card, please update them with your new GPCECU-FSUCU Mastercard number to avoid any late payments or disruption to your service.



Will my account balances continue to be insured? 

Your accounts will continue to be federally insured through the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), and backed by the NCUA, a U.S. Government Agency.

What changes can I expect related to my account(s) and services?

Members were mailed a merger guide which contains important information regarding accounts and fee changes. This includes some exciting new services you will be able to take advantage of now that you are part of the FSU Credit Union family. If you did not receive this merger guide, please contact us for information.

Did my account number change?

Account numbers did not change. However, because FSU Credit Union has a different routing and transit number, you will receive new checks and debit cards and need to adjust your automatic deposits/payments.

Will I need new checks?

No. Existing checks will continue to work. Once you run out of checks, you will be able to order GPCECU - FSUCU checks.

Are there new debit and credit cards?

Yes. You should have received new debit and credit cards. Please Contact Us if you did not receive your new cards.



What will the merger mean for my membership?

Anyone who was already a member of GPCE Credit Union is now a member of Florida State University (FSU) Credit Union. 

How large will the combined credit union be? 

The combined credit union now has $325 million in assets and more than 28,000 members.

What will the combined Credit Union be called? 

Members of the FSU Credit Union and GPCE Credit Union team have been conducting market research to develop a new name for the Pensacola-based branches and an announcement will be made at a later date. In the interim, the former GPCE Credit Union will be called GPCE Credit Union, a Division of Florida State University Credit Union.

Who should I contact for information on my account?

Feel free to call or email us today with any questions. 

How can I get more information on FSU Credit Union?

For more information about FSU Credit Union, we invite you to visit or call (877) GO-FSUCU (877-463-7828) and talk with one of our Member Service Representatives. Or, contact GPCE Credit Union, a Division of FSU Credit Union, at 850-430-1961 or toll-free at (800) 472-4723.

What will happen to the employees of GPCE Credit Union? 

All employees of GPCE Credit Union are now employees of FSU Credit Union and will remain to serve our members' financial needs, so the same friendly faces will continue to greet you.

What benefits will I receive as a member of FSU Credit Union? 

  • New Online and Mobile Banking Features - Exciting features include a FREE Credit Score Tool - SavvyMoney (which is a no-cost service to help you learn and understand your credit score), a person-to-person payment service Pop Money, and much more!
  • New Loan Promotions - Visit for special loan promotions currently running such as the “Stop and Smell the Savings” Auto Loan.

  • Additional Auto Loan Options - We’re proud to provide many auto loan options, including our InGear and OnPace loans. 

  • Mortgages and Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) Loans - We offer a number of options for home loans and line of credits. 

  • Love My Credit Union Rewards Program - Love My Credit Union Rewards helps you maximize your financial well-being and save money on products and services you use every day. Visit our new Love My Credit Union page or for more information.

  • Private Wealth Management and Consulting (PWMC) - Through this partnership with PWMC, members can take advantage of PWMC services to pursue their financial goals and manage their investments. Visit for details. 

  • The Financial Fitness Center - The Financial Fitness Center is a free online financial literacy program. 

      • New Debit Card Functionality - Your new debit cards will be able to be used for online and phone purchases along with anywhere VISA is accepted worldwide.

      • New Credit Card Options - Watch for information on additional credit card options coming your way soon.

      • Business Loans and Accounts - The combined credit union will be able to offer members innovative business banking products and services.

      • Identity Theft Protection - Members can take advantage of discounted identity protection programs provided through CyberScout.

      • ApplePay - Debit and credit cards can use the convenient ApplePay service.


Special Fee Information 

Following the merger with Florida State University Credit Union and as part of a larger credit union, some members may have to change habits to avoid certain fees. Two adjusted or new fees that may affect some of our members include the overdraft transfer fee and excessive withdrawal fee. These updated fees are normal for most credit unions and are largely related to credit unions staying in compliance with a Federal guideline called Regulation D. However, these fees can easily be avoided by just a few simple changes in how you conduct your transactions. Learn more here.